Setup Laravel in Xampp Beginners Tutorial

Laravel, setup your development environment using xampp.

In this Laravel Beginners Tutorials, I am going to show you how to setup your development environment using xampp to start your laravel project. After releasing laravel 5.4, it support php 7.0 and on wards. Currently, it’s supporting php version 7.1.3 and on wards, So now we are going to apache friend site and downloading the suitable xampp version.

Laravel is a popular, open-source PHP web application framework, which follow the mode-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It’s popular because it follow the packaging features along with dedicated dependency manage.

Download and Install XAMPP

Go to and Install xampp from apache friend site. I am using the latest version of the xampp which is 7.2.3.

Set up xampp in windows

I am going to using Laravel CLI (Command Line Interface) for this tutorial and for the CLI, We will use the composer command to install Laravel.

Installing Laravel Using Composer

Composer is a tool which used to manage dependency, so it also called Dependency management tool, which will search in the packagist site and download all required packages from different repositary.

Laravel Beginners Tutorials
Download Laravel Using CLI

I am using window environment so I can call the packagist command using command line or if you are using linux/mac you can use terminal. You can see how composer work from packagist site.

Composer Downloading Laravel
Composer Downloading Laravel

Now wait for the download Laravel and let it to update dependencies.

Laravel Setup Completed
Laravel Setup Completed

Ok, my installation is complete now I can goto my laravel project directory using command and run the command php artisan serve which will allow us run the project in the browser.

web application framework
Run the Laravel Project in Localhost

Now we can browse the project in localhost using We have completed the environment and I hope you also have completed the development environment. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and hope to post further development tutorial soon.

Thank you for reading me.